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Aspetar  Orthopaedic Hospital

Executive review of sport and exercise science involvement within the hospital vision, and implementation to Qatar National Sport Federations.

Australian Football League GPS Analysis

This longitudinal project over 10 years aimed at identifying the demands of, and seasonal changes in Australian Football using GPS technology providing annual executive reports with data interpretation to enhance decision making in league operational and rule changes.

FIBA 3x3 Basketball 2020 Olympic Inclusion Project.

This project aimed at quantifying the demands of 3x3 basketball and preparing executive summaries and successful submission documentation to the IOC for 2020 Olympic inclusion.

Coca Cola Ingestion and Cycling Performance.

This project identified the performance benefits for cyclists associated with the combined sugar and caffeine content of Coca Cola.


Cricket Australia Scientific Report.

The physiological responses to cricket in hot conditions were assessed using wearable technology and internal thermal sensors during One Day play .




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